First Call Resolution: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Those people who are calling more than once, more than twice, sometimes more than three times to get their issue resolved...

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When I call customer service or technical support and I get my request, question, problem, or complaint taken care of in one call, that's first call resolution.  Best Practices is 86%. 

That means that 14% of your customers are calling you more than once, more than twice, maybe even more than three times.  Do you know what that cost you?  I do.  It could cost you as much as $1 million dollars annually!

In this fact-filled CD by industry expert Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., you will learn how to:
  • Calculate FCR using 3 Determining factors
  • Measure FCR (what gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets better)
  • Reduce cost of repeat calls (save money)
  • Avoid the barriers to self-service effectiveness
  • Implement the Requisite Core Competencies
  • Utilize the top 5 Methods to Achieve FCR


First Call Resolution: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction





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